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We always think that in a space there should be at least one item that makes a statement. It takes an alright space and turns it into awesomeness! Here are 5 things that you can add to your space to create the drama that you want. However keep these items to 2 or so in …

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Okay so we all have had crazy ideas of rooms we may want to live in at some point or another! I can remember wanting to live in a house that was upside down! I would hang over the edge of my parents sofa and imagine being able to walk on the ceiling. Weird? I …

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Floating furniture, shelving and stairs are a decidedly modern design trend. Typically you see this style in lofts, open floor plans and minimalist spaces. However, this feature can can lend amazing help to any space. Floating a large piece of furniture lessens the visual impact making the room appear larger or at the very least …

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