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Just like in fashion black never goes out of style. Clients tend to think using black in their interior will seem morbid, gothic, or make the room feel small or cave like. None of these things need to be true (though it certainly can be achieved if that is your goal.) Black is bold, can …

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We always think that in a space there should be at least one item that makes a statement. It takes an alright space and turns it into awesomeness! Here are 5 things that you can add to your space to create the drama that you want. However keep these items to 2 or so in …

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Earlier this month my business partner (a.k.a. bestie) came to visit me in Denver. We were lazing around my studio and Elisa declared that she thought the new trend in design would be “Green.” We have an uncanny way of guessing trends before they happen so I said “Yup you are probably right.” Just ONE …

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I’m pretty much obsessed with “Christmas” lights, they come out during the holidays but there are plenty of other places to put them besides a tree! White lights create the perfect amount of soft ambient lighting and the twinkling has been shown to increase lively conversation. So bust out those lights and get decorating before …

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I have recently been working on a home in Colorado. My client is young, hip and modern and is looking for a clean mid century modern feel to her space. We both thought it would be a great idea to add a retro type pattern to her fireplace wall yet had a hard time finding …

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Happy Thanksgiving from EcoLuxe! Sure we might be vegetarians, but we still enjoy Thanksgiving as much as the next guy! There are a lot of wonderful things about Thanksgiving and we love that it is one of the only holiday’s that refuses to be commercialized. As a result of that most people have begun to …

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