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Eco-friendly is what Ecoluxe is all about! Sometimes it can seem like interior design and sustainability are at odds with one another. In the same way it can be difficult to get all your Christmas shopping done while still being “green.” But we know the key to accomplishing both is pretty simple, all you have …

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I’m pretty much obsessed with “Christmas” lights, they come out during the holidays but there are plenty of other places to put them besides a tree! White lights create the perfect amount of soft ambient lighting and the twinkling has been shown to increase lively conversation. So bust out those lights and get decorating before …

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When it comes to Christmas trees there are plenty of differing opinions on what’s best. Artificial, fresh cut, off the lot, or totally D.I.Y. There is a debate about what kind of tree is “best” but the truth is there is no definitive answer. When it comes to Christmas trees we say “to each their …

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I have recently been working on a home in Colorado. My client is young, hip and modern and is looking for a clean mid century modern feel to her space. We both thought it would be a great idea to add a retro type pattern to her fireplace wall yet had a hard time finding …

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Happy Thanksgiving from EcoLuxe! Sure we might be vegetarians, but we still enjoy Thanksgiving as much as the next guy! There are a lot of wonderful things about Thanksgiving and we love that it is one of the only holiday’s that refuses to be commercialized. As a result of that most people have begun to …

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When I was a kid I was obsessed with “the back room” of stores and restaurants. I was dying to know what it looked like back there! I still wonder what it’s like to work in a certain industries. This is a little sneak peek at a day in the life of an interior designer. …

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