Paint it Black


Just like in fashion black never goes out of style. Clients tend to think using black in their interior will seem morbid, gothic, or make the room feel small or cave like. None of these things need to be true (though it certainly can be achieved if that is your goal.) Black is bold, can be modern, and always makes a statement.

These inspiration photos showcase the use of black in many creative ways. The black window frames add a historic look to a renovated kitchen. Black accent walls make a fabulous background for a gallery images or a collection of like items. Black furnishings, like a lush velvet sofa or large drum shade lighting add a touch of richness and luxury to a living room. Painting a built in bookshelf black allows the colorful book jackets to pop like art in a library. The black doors add a level of sophistication and grandeur to a rooms entrance. Doing black right mean picking the right shade, and sheen for your space, and layering the room with textures, patterns and lighting.

We love the thought of using black in residential and hospitality projects. The color is not limited to a certain design style and can be used in many areas of the home. Yes, using black is a daring choice but isn’t that part of what makes a great design? Would you use black in your own home or business? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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