5 Tips for Creating Drama in Your Space

We always think that in a space there should be at least one item that makes a statement. It takes an alright space and turns it into awesomeness!
Here are 5 things that you can add to your space to create the drama that you want. However keep these items to 2 or so in the room. If you do too many things then it makes it all blend together as opposed to standing on its own.

1. Over-sized Accents – Placing large lamps, mirrors, pillows, and other accents will draw your eyes to this piece since it is out of scale. Pick a special piece, one that makes you smile because you want it to represent your style and personality.

Drama withOver-sized  Lighting

My dream home ;)

2. Pops of Bright Color – A bright color splashed into the room always makes an impact. The way to achieve the desired look is to centralize the color in one area. It needs to be either a lot of the color in smaller items concentrated together OR one or 2 large color splashes.

Large Pop Of Orange

Concentrated Colors


3. Groupings – A collection of something, any interest you have really, displayed really becomes a true focal point and visual interest in the room. It can be a grouping of overhead lights, a collection of old cameras, anything you can think up! Be creative and highlight your personality.
Grouping of Lighting

Phone Collection


Ceramic Collection

4. Wallcovering – Yes we said it, better known to you as wallpaper. Wallcovering can add in amazing patterns, color, and art creating a huge statement. Many people detract from using this because of days gone by. Be bold and go for it! I guarantee you will love it.
Focal in Boutique

Contemporary Wallcovering

Functional and Cool

modern wallpaper

Modern Color and Pattern

Restaurant Wallcovering

5. Art – Art can add so much to a room and actually can encompass all the above tips. Be you, pick things you love and enjoy it. Pick over sized canvases in a minimum or group a few smaller ones together.

Picture-Framed Decor

Large Wall Art

Large Art Painting over Sectional

Large Focal Point


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