Green with Envy

Earlier this month my business partner (a.k.a. bestie) came to visit me in Denver. We were lazing around my studio and Elisa declared that she thought the new trend in design would be “Green.” We have an uncanny way of guessing trends before they happen so I said “Yup you are probably right.”

Just ONE day later we receive our monthly newsletter from Pantone only to see it announcing Green as the new pantone of the year for 2013! If only we could reach as many people as Pantone can, we totally would have beat them to the punch 😉

So start enjoying the color green people because you will be seeing lots and lots of it. We actually predict that purple will take a strong supporting role in 2013 as well.

What are your predictions? Leave a comment and let us know. You can also find more design info and inspiration on our Facebook so click like!


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