How to be an expert Green Shopper (and share your favorite shop with us!)

Eco-friendly is what Ecoluxe is all about! Sometimes it can seem like interior design and sustainability are at odds with one another. In the same way it can be difficult to get all your Christmas shopping done while still being “green.” But we know the key to accomplishing both is pretty simple, all you have to know is where to find what your looking for!


– Buying locally
strengthens your local economy, may lower taxes, creates jobs, can support local nonprofits, and has a smaller environmental impact

– Supporting small businesses
knowledgeable passionate employees, strengthens economy, creates jobs, smaller environmental impact, personal touches, better customer service

– Buying american when possible
lessens environmental impacts from long transit, lessens environmental impacts of foreign factories, avoids supporting human rights abuses in some foreign factories, avoids supporting lowered safety standards for workers and products, supports american manufacturing jobs, strengthens economy

– Buying items that are made of recycled or of recyclable material
simple! keeps products out of the landfill

– Buying from artists, artisans
one of a kind or limited release items aren’t over produced, supports small businesses, passionate sellers, good customer service, very small if any negative environmental impact

– Buying items made from non-toxic materials
common plastics release harmful chemicals into our air, foods, and drinks, plastics are a large source of pollution, most plastic items end up in the landfill (with a small portion being recycled)

– Re-gifting (when its appropriate of course…)
you got it, you don’t want it, someone else does, magic!

– Buying vintage items
keeps products out of the landfill

– Give perishables
a thoughtful gift with nothing ending up in the landfill and if someone gives you a fruit cake not to worry it can go in the compost!

– Online stores that sell eco-friendly stores
type “eco-friendly gifts” into google and you will be shocked at the amount of stores selling different types of sustainable products

– Ebay
buying used is the best of both worlds you get the item you want for a discounted price and it doesn’t end up in the trash or sitting unused in the back of a closet

– Check your favorite store
many big retailers such as Crate & Barrel, Target, & Pottery Barn offer green or sustainable products and gifts. search “sustainable” at your favorite store and you may be surprised!

– Just say no to the impulse buy
Not buying an excess of stuff that is bound for the landfill is an important party of being eco-friendly

To purchase or check out any of the gifts below please copy and paste the gray caption into your browser.

What’s your favorite way to shop green? Do you try to keep it eco-friendly during the holidays? Share your favorite place to shop green or promote your own store in the comments! All our readers would love to hear from you.

Bonus: try an eco-friendly gift wrap!

    • Fantastic! I love it. Perhaps we can include your shop in our next green shopping guide!

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