Twinkling Lights – Whimsical Winter Ambience


I’m pretty much obsessed with “Christmas” lights, they come out during the holidays but there are plenty of other places to put them besides a tree! White lights create the perfect amount of soft ambient lighting and the twinkling has been shown to increase lively conversation. So bust out those lights and get decorating before your next party!

Light wallcovering

Light wallcovering

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started decorating with lights! If you live in a smaller space use a mirror to reflect the twinkling and bounce more light around the room. Create a romantic feel in your bedroom by adding a light “headboard”. Place a grouping of jars on a table and fill them with a string of lights. Decorate a whole wall by creating a pattern with the strings. You can even hang photos or cards from the string adding even more interest to your lights. Play around and have fun! You may come up with something so great you won’t even need to pack them away at the end of the season!

Don’t forget to look for eco-friendly LED lights! And follow, follow, follow, us! All we need is an email 🙂

  1. Brian T. said:

    Love the mirror with lights!

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