Happy Thanksgiving! Family, food, & design!

Happy Thanksgiving from EcoLuxe!

Sure we might be vegetarians, but we still enjoy Thanksgiving as much as the next guy! There are a lot of wonderful things about Thanksgiving and we love that it is one of the only holiday’s that refuses to be commercialized. As a result of that most people have begun to just skip over the whole fall, Thanksgiving decor and jump straight into Christmas. But we think there is still room for both!

Being grateful, spending time with loved ones and creating wonderful memories are what Thanksgiving is all about. But as designers we can’t deny we like when things look pretty. I am convinced that incorporating unique touches is a great way to create lasting memories. As a child I had a special aunt who wrapped our Christmas presents in a really exciting way each year. Sometimes they were glamorous, other times they were trendy, but we looked forward to seeing that fancy wrapping paper even more than the gift inside! With this in mind we suggest really dressing up your table to make your meal even more special. In the design world we call this a “tablescape.”

The best thing about a tablescape is you don’t have to buy anything! Just look around your home for inspiration. Mix and match cloth napkins or china create a chic bohemian look. Books, folded paper place cards and paper flowers showcase your love for ephemera. If you have a collection add it to the table and theme out your Thanksgiving dinner this year!

Of course you can’t forget about the kids. Have a craft available that all the young ones can do together. We love the simplicity of a paper chain, children and teens can easily execute this project without any help. You can even have all the members of the family write what they are thankful for on a strip of paper and have the kids assemble the final decoration. Don’t forget to hang it somewhere prominent when they are finished so everyone can enjoy the design!

We hope you find some inspiration in the images to make your Thanksgiving extra special! We wish you a great beginning to the holiday season. Tell us about your Thanksgiving traditions in the comments. What do you do to make your holiday’s even more memorable?


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