Tips for Being the Next Design Star!

So some of you know that I had auditioned last year for HGTV’s Design Star 2012 season. There were over 1,500 applicants and 50 were chosen to fly to NYC and meet the producers in the semi final challenges. I was one of the lucky ones to go this far and although I did not make it on to the season I have some great advice for any aspiring Design Stars out there!

Its all in the video!
1. You have to have a dynamic video that showcases your personality and talent.
2. Wear bright colors, no stripes, no logos, and look polished.
3. Be your witty charming self. You have to show that you can give off charisma if you want to be on TV.
4. Showcase your work, give a tour of a space that you designed and your inspiration.

If you make it to NYC…

What to expect:
The auditions are held at the Food Network studio in Chelsea Market and it is run tighter than Fort Knox.
You are not allowed to see any of the other contestants and are constantly guided by someone. Here are the steps I went through.

1. Green Room – interviewed on camera by a casting agent and then asked to fill out a questionnaire.
2. Design Time – You are brought into a room with a table full of fabrics (not good ones btw), finishes, product images etc. You are given an image of a badly designed space and you have 15 mins to create a design board and possibly a floor plan. When time is up it is up.
**DO NOT waste time thinking about what you think the producers will want to see. Listen to your gut. You got here on your talent and that is what they want to see!
3. Go Time – You are guided (board in tow) onto a set. In the room will be a table of producers, head casting agents, cameramen, the whole 9 yards. You are asked to present you work as they flip through your portfolio. This is nerve wrecking because there is no feedback at all. After you are done presenting they ask you a bunch of questions and some are hard to answer on the spot.

Top Question:
– What makes you different from other designers?
– Why should we choose you for Design Star?
– What is your unique take on design?
– How well do you work with other in a competitive environment?

4. Post Interview – After your “audition” you are taken into another room for another post interview. Here you have to talk in complete present tense, NOT EASY! Have you ever wondered how people talk about things on reality TV as they are happening? Well…this is how.
ie: I am walking into the studio and I my heart is pounding. I look over at the table…
5. Background Please – Lastly you are taken into the depths of the building where a private eye goes through every nook and cranny of your life. They knew about my fake name I used when I was little to get magazines my mom thought were too old for me lol! (Nothing dirty!)
6. Peace Out – You are then escorted out of the studio and to a car that rushes you back to the airport. No time for sight seeing.
7. Hold Your Breath – You have to wait to be contacted as to whether you make it or not. They are pretty quick in this aspect. Expect a 2 week wait or so.

Good Luck to you and check out my video of my own audition!

  1. Alex Jones said:

    Thats a tough interview process.

    • It totally was! A great whirlwind experience for sure. I was pretty proud of making it that far, never knew how tough it would be though until I got there.

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