Behind the Scenes: A sneak peek into being an interior designer!

More samples, look at all that shiny silk.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with “the back room” of stores and restaurants. I was dying to know what it looked like back there! I still wonder what it’s like to work in a certain industries. This is a little sneak peek at a day in the life of an interior designer.

Like many industries we have trade shows to show us the latest and greatest in new products. In the interior design world we place most of this stuff into one of two categories, either FF&E or hard finishes. FF&E stands for furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (extras, everything else). Basically it encompasses everything decorative that you add into your home. Hard Finishes include flooring, counter tops, molding etc. you know, the hard stuff! The trade shows are a place to showcase all the newest options.


Hospitality (commercial) and residential design are really two sides of the same coin, although when talking to some people you would think they have nothing in common! Hospitality interior design products are typically more innovative, creative, and wild then residential. (As you will see demonstrated below.) That’s not to say that residential doesn’t have its fair share of awesome choices. Most designers will tell you it’s sort of a trickle down effect or a watering down of the design idea. It makes sense when you think about it. Most people are not going to put a gigantic multi-colored tile mosaic in their living room, even if it looks amazing in the restaurant down the street. That’s the reason we favor the hospitality design shows over the residential (even though we truly enjoy both!)

This weekend we had a chance to peruse BDNY (Boutique Design New York). Because we try to stay up on and ahead of trends these shows can feel a little redundant but that’s probably universally typical for trade shows! Even so we feel incredibly lucky that it’s our job to have a first look at all these beautiful products. As a designer my favorite thing is usually lighting, but this year the rugs really blew my mind. Check out all the gorgeous designs below. I betcha you’ll find some inspiration along the way. And let us know if you see anything you love!

If you want more info please on any products let us know or head over to pinterest for vendor names!
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