5 Tips on Creating Design Magic

Regardless of how great you may be as a designer, we all get stuck especially when we are trying to design for a commercial space such as a restaurant. Here are tips on getting past the road block to create amazing spaces that many will enjoy.

1. First and foremost get INSPIRED! Get the download on the project from the client and what they are looking for THEN drag out all your magazines and tag whatever catches your eye (it can be as simple as just the seating or entry way), go on search engines and look at design images. The more you can gather the better. Do not over think this because there is plenty of time to streamline later.
2. Take all your concept images and either pin them up or layout on the floor in front of you. Circle the items that work with the concept and cross off the ones that don’t. Make a mood board (this can be photos of spaces, lighting, furniture) that fits with the concept you have in mind.

3. Once you get a feel for what your space is going to look like then it is time to make a Finish Board (this is where you select actual items and product for the space), and sketching out the floor plan and details!

4. Here comes the hard part. Design development and construction documentation. Long story short, you will need to put design on all the walls, draw out details of specific features and then have it all drawn up in CAD for the contractors and architects to follow.

5. The final walk through. Here you want to make sure that everything is ready for the opening. Add accessories, candles pillows etc to make the space seem a live and then…have a drink and enjoy the scene!


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