Design Trend: Using maps in Interior Design

Maps! Have you guys noticed this educational design trend? Now that I’ve pointed it out I’ll bet you’ll start noticing it all over the place. Maybe you were a trendsetter, I remember a couple of my friends having the map shower curtain long ago! I love this design idea because there are so many different options. The giant overall wallpaper look is terrific, but lets be honest, that could get very expensive and be a headache to get rid of if your tastes are fickle. The happy medium would be a large vintage map. They are quite affordable and fairly easily found at flea markets or antique stores. If you’re not feeling the large focal map, a grouping of smaller maps adding in topographical maps for texture and subway maps for variety and interest could work great. Many folks just use this trend in smaller portions like in pillows, globes or decoupage furniture. If you like this fad achieving the perfect balance for your space should be a breeze!
We know maps are here to stay but what about its place in interior design? Do you think this trend has staying power, or is it bound for the same fate as the atlas?

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  1. I have noticed! I’m on the lookout for a cool map with oranges and blues that I can use in my nursery. Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome! That’s a great idea, learn as you grow. If you don’t have many antique stores in your area definitely check out etsy for vintage maps!

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