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When it comes to Christmas trees there are plenty of differing opinions on what’s best. Artificial, fresh cut, off the lot, or totally D.I.Y. There is a debate about what kind of tree is “best” but the truth is there is no definitive answer. When it comes to Christmas trees we say “to each their …

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I have recently been working on a home in Colorado. My client is young, hip and modern and is looking for a clean mid century modern feel to her space. We both thought it would be a great idea to add a retro type pattern to her fireplace wall yet had a hard time finding …

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Happy Thanksgiving from EcoLuxe! Sure we might be vegetarians, but we still enjoy Thanksgiving as much as the next guy! There are a lot of wonderful things about Thanksgiving and we love that it is one of the only holiday’s that refuses to be commercialized. As a result of that most people have begun to …

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When I was a kid I was obsessed with “the back room” of stores and restaurants. I was dying to know what it looked like back there! I still wonder what it’s like to work in a certain industries. This is a little sneak peek at a day in the life of an interior designer. …

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Maps! Have you guys noticed this educational design trend? Now that I’ve pointed it out I’ll bet you’ll start noticing it all over the place. Maybe you were a trendsetter, I remember a couple of my friends having the map shower curtain long ago! I love this design idea because there are so many different …

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