Inspiring Outdoor Showers (and apologies)

Hello, readers! Many apologies for the sporadic (Clueless reference anyone?) postings lately. As Laura mentioned we got very caught up in designing my wedding and slacked off on our blogging. But not to worry we diligently photographed many of our projects and Bali (my honeymoon destination) was full of design inspiration, so hopefully we can make it up to you in the upcoming weeks. Without further ado!

Having lived in RI for the past decade I have seen my fair share of outdoor showers. Most of these are tacked on to the side of a house and consist of slated boards and well more slated boards. Bali takes the outdoor shower thing to a whole new level. In fact, the outdoor shower was the only option at a couple of the places we stayed. While the New England climate doesn’t afford us that luxury there is plenty of inspiration to be found for any location.

This place had a minimalist design, basically the color scheme was grey, black, white, and stone. However the “pop” of color was the natural surroundings: giant red tropical flowers, little white and yellow buds, and of course huge lush green leaves. The image isn’t the best but this shower had a canopy of green leaves and red tropical flowers that was amazing. The split face travertine stone added dimension to the otherwise sleek design. I loved the waterfall shower head (though I wouldn’t recommended it for an everyday use shower) I also thought placing the faucet inside the built-in shelf was a thoughtful touch.

We’ll call this shower “almost indoor” the roof structure was built over it with a rain shower head coming from the ceiling. This shower had my favorite floor. Small pebbles surrounded 2 large rounded rocks that you were meant to stand on. It wasn’t slippery as you might expect and the rocks were perfectly proportioned to the space. The back wall was made up of very small subway tiles in shades of sand.

This shower utilized the wood slate look but brought it up a notch but turning them horizontally. There were 4 simple stone tiles to stand on that created the feeling of a bathmat. The opposite wall reminded me of an old rock wall that just continued being built up. As you can see the shower was the short end of an L the other side being a totally outdoor bathtub. You see these “hollowed out rock” bathtubs all over Bali, gorgeous!

Let’s be honest, this shower could have been a hose coming out of the wall and it would have been amazing – I mean look at that view! I liked the mix of hard finishes in this shower. It is kind of a combination of the pebble floor and the tile “bathmat”. I really loved the slated roof, it let the sun in without making you feel over exposed. That being said I’m fairly certain it was to keep the monkeys from jumping in and scaring the daylights out of you. I guess that’s a perfect example of good design (beautiful but not for the sake a beauty alone.)

Okay, now lets all go out and build a fabulous outdoor shower before it starts to snow! Well maybe that’s a little too ambitious but I hope you have found some inspiration along the way, maybe in something didn’t even notice. Do you have a outdoor shower project? Let us know all about it in the comments.


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