Design Trend: Floating Furniture

Floating furniture, shelving and stairs are a decidedly modern design trend. Typically you see this style in lofts, open floor plans and minimalist spaces. However, this feature can can lend amazing help to any space. Floating a large piece of furniture lessens the visual impact making the room appear larger or at the very least more spacious. While floating stairs may give some an anxious feeling, floating shelves can work with any design style. Adding floating shelves to a gallery wall adds depth without creating the look of a bookshelf, floating shelves in the kitchen showcases your collectibles while easing accessibility, and floating “invisible” bookshelves adds a touch of whimsy to eccentric spaces.. The next time you’re in a space that feels open and airy without feeling stark take a look around and to identify what makes the room successful, you could be experiencing this design trend!

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