Can’t Get Enough! – Ombre Addition

There a certain design trends we like, use for a bit, and then watch as they become so overdone we wish they would all just disappear. There are other trends that we notice but never use and then they are gone. And then there are the trends that we see, we love and even when they are overdone we still enjoy seeing it. For me that trend is a color gradient in any way shape or form. My name is Elisa and I am addicted to ombre. I think part of the reason I love ombre looks is that reminds me of a Pantone color chart. There is something very satisfying about seeing all those hues and knowing it has the color you want. For some people having a purple wall is enough, but for many of us that purple wall must have blue roots, be gray based and have a very specific hue and vibrancy. Check out all these creative ways people have used the ombre trend to spice up their furniture, accessories, and even staircases. Do you love the ombre trend or is there a different trend that has you obsessed? Let us know!


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