Murals – Easy Execution, Big Impact!

A lot of people struggle to find a theme for their baby’s nursery. They want something that is cute but not too precious, and something that is baby friendly but that won’t be outgrown after the first year. For this particular room the client was inspired by the book “Where the Wild Things Are” By Maurice Sendak. The book is an amazing artistic masterpiece but the client was looking for a more simplified version. They wanted a mural that would give the room visual interest and a touch of whimsy but that could also be executed quickly. The baby was due any moment and they really wanted to have it completed before the bustle of the 2nd baby began.

Creating a small mural is not as difficult as it may initially seem.

-We started by choosing colors for the tree trunks and leaves to coordinate with the existing paint color. We then sketched an image of 3 trees on an average sized paper. You can also print out an image directly off the computer or use trace paper to trace your favorite picture.

-Next we used our tracer to project the image on to the wall and traced the image with pencil adjusting the picture as we went to best fit the shape of the walls.

Super professional set up!

-Then we began painting the leaves on the trees. We typically like to paint the images in the order, meaning the tree in the back would be painted first and the tree in the forefront is painted last. We did 2 to 3 coats of paint for each.

-After painting all the trees leaves, we moved to the tree trunks using a ruler to measure out from the wall helping to keep the trunks somewhat straight. These just need two coats of paint apiece.

-Following that we mixed a darker color into the base colors and dry brushed a shadow line down the side of each tree and under some of the leaves. For the round tree we decided to add a bit of texture with some dots using a sponge, we heavily dotted the edges for a shadowing effect. Last we painted a couple of stripes of white to make the whole thing pop! Viola – finished!

All in all it was a quick job with a big visual impact, it can easily transition from baby to toddler and when it is out grown they can simply paint over it

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*Sorry about the poor quality of images they were taken on my phone.


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