Eames Chair! – Spot the icon game.

Though there seems to be endless options for furnishings and decor you might be surprised to find that designers have quite literally seen it all. With trade-shows, catalogs, design centers and an incredible amount of knock offs (“value engineered” as we say) we are exposed to everything the major brands are coming out with. We love walking into a space and pointing to the furniture or accessories and proclaiming “Hudson Furniture Chandelier – used in X project!” Iconic furniture is all over the television and movies these days as well. Everywhere from the obvious (Mad Men) to random car commercials, we love being the first to spot the iconic furniture in the frame. And double points for spotting a totally unrealistic portrayal, like when the person is living on a tight budget yet they have a perfectly designed home or a $3000 chair to lounge around in. Have you spotted any of these icons lately? What do you think is the single most overly used piece? Barcelona Chair is probably at the top of our list!


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