Thank You, Ecologist!

We are fairly new to blogging (okay, we are fairly new to ACTIVELY blogging) so we were beyond thrilled when The Ecologist named us one of the “Top 5 Eco-Friendly Home Design Blogs”. We take this recognition seriously and hope that we can continue to improve our blog content to educate and inspire fabulous (and green!) interior design.
As designers, choosing green elements that will enhance our clients home or business without depleting the health of our earth is one of our top priorities. While nothing that we do will make a huge impact on its own, if we each strive to make sustainable choices, and inform others on how to do so, perhaps our combined efforts can make a difference.
We often remind our clients (and ourselves) that although we cannot improve the air quality of our city on our own we can improve the indoor air quality of our homes. And while we cannot stop the depletion of earths natural resources we can choose to use responsibly harvested wood. Options such as these are becoming available in almost every aspect of design. Making these choices can have an immediate and positive influence on our lives, and even the smallest eco-friendly things are worth doing because of that.

If you would like to read the article please follow the link:

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