Top Green Picks of the Week

1. STREET SEATS is a projects developed by Bade Stageberg Cox for Pier Coffee Bar in NYC. They found 50 abandoned chairs throughout the city, fixed them up and then painted them yellow (my favorite color FYI). Reclaimed, reinvented into a statement for design!

2. HERON LED LAMP is a task lamp that uses replaceable LED lamps that have a 15 year life span if used 8 hours a day! It uses 6 to 10 times less energy as an incandescent and the body is made from recycled plastic and 70% recycled steel. It even counts for LEED credits and looks chic too!

3.FONTENAY WINE BARREL FLOORING uses old wine barrels that are no longer in use and reclaims it to make beautiful wood flooring for your home or commercial spaces. Beautiful and super green!

4. MICHAEL WOLKE LAMPS are made from discarded cardboard that can be found in anyone’s garbage and turns it into amazing lighting. Take a look at his site!

5. NATALIE SAMPSON HANGER LIGHTS are amazing chandeliers made completely from hangers! She also included to use LED lamps. 100% Recycle and 100% awesome.

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