Interior Design & Fashion: Hand in Hand Design Trends


Fast moving, ever-changing, trendsetting, and creativity are the benchmarks of great design and fashion. We like to tell our clients that designing a room is similar to creating an outfit. Start with great basics (jeans, skirt = sofa, tables) add touch of your personality (belt, scarf = collections, area rug) and top it off with a bit of sparkle (earrings, statement necklace = chandelier, mirrors) Interior design and fashion follow many of the same design trends as well. Check out the images below; can you spot your design style by finding your fashion style? Or vice versa? Have you spotted any up and coming trends? Let us know in the comments!

  1. BriBooks said:

    Love the chevron!

  2. imemine said:

    love it too….i also use the clothing analogy with clients when i am explaining interiors…it does help a lot ….i try to get across the ‘mix up’ the textures and elements idea….it is what adds the interest to both an outfit and an interior …thanks for sharing x danielle

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