Accesorize with Flair!

Furnishing a home is typically an ongoing process, most people accumulate pieces over time replacing and upgrading throughout the years. Even as designers we rarely walk into a space that’s a completely blank canvas. Clients usually have furniture, collections or art that must be incorporated into the design. However, once we have completed the design the space is cohesive, old and new blend together seamlessly and the room looks finished. Have you ever found yourself looking at your fully furnished space wondering what is missing? Great design is all about the finishing touches, accessories add interest and sparkle and draw the eye around the room. Use glass, metal finishes, colors, and mirrors to tie a room together and make it uniquely you. The best part is if your design tastes tend to wander the accessories are the easiest and (generally) least expensive things to change. So go ahead and finish up your space and when your guests comment on your great room just tell them “Its all about the accessories!”


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