Bold Walls, NOT Playing it safe!

Are you the type of person that always picks the whitest hue of a color on the paint chips? Or has about 6 different hues of beige, “greige”, or cream on the walls? We hope these images inspire you to go bold when you go home! Paint is the most inexpensive way to make a huge impact in your home. If you fall in love with a large pattern wall-covering that is just to pricey for your budget (or your landlord is not ready for “wallpaper”) you may be able to mimic that look in paint. We don’t subscribe to the old adage that dark paint makes a space look small. When you compare a light yellow hallway to a bold blue stripe one there really is no contest. When your are brave enough to really design your space it shows, people will be wowed by your walls and maybe inspired to create their own amazing space.Take advantage of the extraordinary versatility of paint and really love your space!

*Don’t forget to get Low/No VOC paint!

Check out our previous post where we painted an amazing large pattern feature wall here:


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