Get the Glam

We get asked a lot about how to create a Hollywood Glam space. There are so many different renditions of Hollywood Regency it can be hard to pick what path to chose when making design decisions. No matter what path you take there are some tips to keep in mind that will guide you along the way to creating the perfect glamour space for you!

Color Palette:
– Black and White with a Color Pop (ie: yellow, green, pink) is a classic palette to take on.
– Contrasting Colors are another palette option. This scheme usually takes two opposing color (ie: yellow & blue or green & purple) and uses
these as the main palette with pops of whites, blacks, grey and metallics.
– Saturated colors are the key when picking out a scheme. The richer the tones the richer the look. Go for it!

– Greek Keys are a much used motif in Hollywood Regency style. It can be used on furniture, fabrics, area rugs, pillows or anywhere else for that
– Damask and/or Fleur de Lis are another popular pattern used frequently in this style. A great way to incorporate this is to use as a wallcovering.
– Geometric Patterns such as trellis work are a perfect marriage. Look for ones that have a continuous pattern as its repeat.
– Zebra print
(all these patterns can be combined in a scheme to make the look feel richer)

– Anything lacquered (any color that works with your scheme)
– Mirrored furniture
– Metal worked tables

– Rounded angles
– Tufting
– Ornate woodworking

– Ornate mirrors or Sunburst mirrors
– Porcelain animal statues, bookends or knick knack
– Metallic items
– Art
– Bright color vases and porcelain items

– Crystals
– Chandeliers (crystal is typically the choice)
– Bulbous table lamps

Check out the gallery for examples of the above and please share your story with us!

  1. Love the antique gold mirror with that beautiful Tiffiany’s(ish) blue in the back! SO BEAUTIFUL!

  2. We agree! We love the juxtaposition of ornate gold mirror on the fresh blue wall!

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