Road Trip!

EcoLuxe is based in 2 very far away cities, which works out pretty good for us on the business side, not so great for the friendship side. We miss each other! We have found that though it’s easier to share the responsibilities from one city it has been surprisingly smooth collaborating and supporting each other from afar. That’s not to say we don’t love getting together!
Recently I (Elisa) visited Laura in Denver and we had a fabulous* time. The trip was all about eating, design, sunshine and animals; some of our very favorite things! A friend pointed out that when we eat out we end up critiquing every nook and cranny of the restaurants interior. It’s totally sub-conscience! We can’t help but notice every design detail, name the products (one of our favorite games), and decide what we would have done differently. Does anyone else have this problem?! We also spent time in the Rocky Mountains – Wow, gorgeous! We saw loads of wild animals; a herd of elk, deer, and a white fox to name a few. Of course we did some networking and worked on our new website layout (coming soon!) as well. Here are a bunch of photos from the trip hope you enjoy them!

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(*Yup, sometimes a girl just has to drop the fab bomb!)


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