Lots of Design for Less

Last year I moved to Denver and met my friend Becca. She had a cute town home but that was about it. The walls were beige, the furniture was beige and there was no evidence that a fashionable young woman lived there! I decided to take matters into my own hands and fix the problem.

I decided to tackle the main living spaces (dining and living rooms) and go from there.

Dining Room:
1. Change the table! I found an old wood door in her basement. I took off the hardware and got a tempered piece of glass to fit the top. I found legs on Craigslist and VOILA an amazing table and conversation piece.
2. Turn on the Lights! I took a plain beige drum pendant and went to the local fabric store. I bought orange satin ribbon and a fun trim and hot glued it to the pendant to add color and a touch of whimsy to an otherwise common light.
3. For the Love of Pattern! I have this great fabric with a vintage pattern and I thought why not explode that onto the wall. I chose a fresh chartreuse color for the wall and then in chalk (bc it is easy to wipe away a mistake) I sketched the pattern on the wall. Next I took an artist brush and hand painted the pattern in white.

Living Room:
1. For the Love of Color! Navy navy navy! It is fresh, modern and well just awesome. I painted the living room navy blue to allow her white sofas to really pop. I added pops of yellow, orange and metallics to really tie it all together with the dining room.
2. Rearrange the Problem! The flow of traffic in the living room did not work with the current layout. I rearranged the sofas and we found a smaller sized coffee table to better fit the space. Now it is a super cozy room to snuggle up and read a book in.

Overall Becca was so happy with the space. It cost under $600 for everything we did! She tells me that it makes her smile every time she looks at it and that is what great design should do!

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1 comment
  1. Becca said:

    You should post the before pictures too! I love love my home with all the color and charm we added.

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