D.I.Y. Project: Organizing Necklaces

My jewelry situation is nothing short of ridiculous. My earrings and bracelets are in a tool box and my necklaces are in a bowl. Yes, a bowl! When I moved I threw them in a bowl thinking I would figure something out when I unpacked them….cut to 6 months later. The worst part is I wear one almost every day and spend 5 minutes untangling the one I want each time. I finally got motivated and did something about it. The whole assembly process took maybe 15 minutes (the untangling notwithstanding.) Of course, I’m kicking myself for not doing this project earlier! Above is my jewelry bowl in all its tangled glory.

Here is what I did:
I went to Home Depot and bought a towel bar. Because jewelry is so light you don’t have to obsess over the quality. Sure, there are better looking bars out there but since it would basically be covered all the time no use in spending a lot of time or cash on it. Cost: $8.47
Here is every tool I used:

All you have to do is hold the ends of the bar together and poke a pencil into the hole to mark the spot you want to put the screw.

Only insert one screw into each side and then use your level to make sure your good to go. See how it’s a bit off? I just loosened one side and adjusted it slightly. Then finish screwing in the other 3 nice and tight.

Then I spent a half hour untangling and hanging them up. Woo hoo! I found some that I completely forgot about!

Not bad for a couple minutes of work! Got any D.I.Y. tricks up your sleeve? Let us know!


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