Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to share memorable photos, create a focal point or add color. Many people don’t know where to start and how to get it finished.

There are different types of gallery walls so you should first pick you style:

Grid (same frames that are evenly spaced to make a grid like gallery)
Eclectic (different shapes, colors and sizes to the frames and randomly hung)
Photo Rail (a ledge that has framed photos leaning on them against the wall)
Accent Color (these are frames that are colored the same and are the accent to the room)
Themed (using photos that have a common theme ie: B&W, beach, trees)

There are no rules when creating a gallery wall. Once you find your style have fun with it. You can go to antique stores and use reclaimed frames as well. Make it your own.

Here are some useful tips:

If you do not have a headboard and really want to have a focal point at the bed create a grid gallery to add visual drama to the bed.
If you have a long hallway add a gallery wall working down to the end of the hallway to draw traffic down the way.

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