Vertical Blinds Can Be Cool?

I hear the word vertical blinds and a cringe sets in along with a vision of an outdated 80’s living room. I shudder at the thought! How can vertical blinds ever be pleasing to the eye?

I bet you are thinking, what am I going to do now!? I have these really tall windows and I do not know what to do with them. I have glass sliding doors that need cover but I can bear putting up vertical blinds!

Worry no more. Vertical blinds have come a long way from the plastic cheap versions of its older self. I would go so far as to say that they can even be cool and modern!

If you are in a vertical blind nightmare try some of the following suggestions:

1. Sliding fabric panels. The are clean and minimal as well as super functional. You can use them in different patterns and colors and even use them as a screen divider in the room.
2. Wide slat vertical blinds. The width makes the verticals less in number and therefore making it cleaner and more modern.
3. COLOR! Pick a color other than the norm (pink, black, blue etc) and use it as a focal point. We can’t hide the blinds so make it worth showing 🙂
4. Honeycomb blinds. Yup when pulled shut they create a really cool pattern that is a great backdrop for any room.
5. Motorized blinds that move up and down allowing you to choose which will close or not creating a cool look as well as more functional based on daylighting.


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