For the Love of Yellow

Yellow! Just the word makes me smile. If I am out and about and I see something yellow, it is like I am a kid in the candy shop. It does not matter what it is (umbrella, jacket, sofa, wallcovering, shoes) odds are I will buy it whether it is a smart purchase or not. I am starting to think that it is possible I might have a serious addiction but I will embrace it!

Most people are afraid of yellow because of its vibrancy especially when it comes to home decor. Yellow can be mellow when paired with neutrals, it can be fresh when paired with grays, it can be fun when paired with blues. You can add it to the wall, group it in accessories, paint a niche or pick a yellow piece of furniture, throw up some yellow art, the possibilities are endless. Check out these photos for inspiration on how you can incorporate this amazing color in your home. Have fun with it because I guarantee it will make you smile 🙂

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