Top Green Picks of the Week

I am obsessed with looking for new and cool green products to share with people. I found these items and thought they were so awesome I had to post them so others could check them out. I also have to give out props to the companies that are innovative and forward thinking in making items that will help save the planet as well as an ugly room 🙂

Rewash Lamps

These lamps are made from old washing machine parts and the shades incorporate some unconventional but unique materials that is sure to be a conversation piece in any room! Love it!


Someone’s trash is another man’s treasure…take a look at this Texas based company’s products. They have everything from gunshell chairs to milk carton chandeliers. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder until REHHAB can turn it around into stunning pieces!


Looking for cool coat hangers? Check out these made from recycled old bottles. Truly one of a kind amazing stuff!


An alarm clock run on water!? Say whhhaaatttt?? Yup, you got it. 8 to 12 weeks of power by simply pouring good ol’ H2O into the clock. And because of its memory chip you do not lose power when changing out the water. Ingenious I have to say

Hope you liked my top green picks of the week. Stayed tuned for more to come…


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