Beyond the Bookcase

Even though I strive to be clutter free I am a pack-rat at heart. I’m pretty good about letting go but my weakness is books! I always have a ridiculous amount. Whenever I move I get rid of a ton of books, promise myself I will only get books from the library, and then commence building the collection right back up again. Therefore thinking up design-y ways to store my books has definitely become one of my favorite (okay essential) design pastimes.

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The first thing I try to do is eliminate the excess… and by excess I mean the ones I can bear to get rid of. All of the books that didn’t make the cut either get donated to a charity donation store or the library. Yes, you can usually recycle books but don’t do that, this is where the reuse comes in!
Different apartment layouts call for different designs but you can narrow down your choices by asking yourself a few questions:
Should I break the collection up into different rooms? – this is a good solution for people with limited space
Do I want them hidden away? – this is a smart idea for people who read romance novels 😉
Do I want them as a design feature in my space? If so try sorting them by subject, author, or most awesomely – color!
There is no wrong answer, just what works for you! Check out these amazing inspiration images and let us know how you handle displaying your books.


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